Mixed reality appears as any reality that blends computer-generated information with the real world.

The definition of mixed reality is still subject to change as time progresses and passes. However, it is still considered a direct or indirect real-time view of the physical environment, some elements of which will be supplemented by computer input data, often these are graphics, sound, video, and possibly GPS data.

  • Today we can define mixed reality as an evolution of virtual and augmented reality.

How does mixed reality technology affect different industries?

In its essence, mixed reality is created based on virtual and real worlds, which in its result allows a variety of new environments and visualizations, in which digital and physical objects are mixed, interacting in real time. A user who applies mixed reality technologies will have a sense of connection with the virtual world, but at the same time can interact with reality and see it as it is.

Currently, mixed reality technologies can be used in a wide variety of industries such as learning, education, manufacturing, and healthcare. Mixed reality devices are also quite popular in game development, but they may soon become part of everyone's daily life.


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The use of mixed reality in many modern sectors allows to achieve success even in the most exact sciences, for example, doctors can use these technologies to show patients the internal organs and other parts of the body in three-dimensional form.


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Such capabilities help to better understand the patient's condition and develop individualized treatment systems.

What are mixed reality applications?

Over the past few years, mixed reality apps have been in increasing demand. As a result, there are now many platforms as well as specific tools that allow for the development of mixed reality applications. This makes it easier to create quality mixed reality projects.

It is possible to achieve mixed reality, namely a combination of the real world and the digital world, using devices such as the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, HoloLens, or smartphones.

With new mixed reality apps, you can really feel yourself in the same environment as someone else, it allows you to take the process of communication to the next level.

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