Search Engine Optimization (SEO) And Inbound Links – Do I Have To?

There is some agreement that inbound links are an important factor when looking for high Google rankings, but there is a lot of flash of the Webmaster going on with claims that inbound links are no longer important and the like. It seems that the days of the short-tail spidering and catching up on inbound links are over – but that doesn’t mean that it’s time to abandon inbound linking.

But, if you’re thinking that you absolutely must have inbound links from relevant sites to yours, then there are some important questions you need to ask yourself before you pursue an SEO link-building campaign. Oakland Web Design company has some examples that you can use to help with your inbound links.

For example, you’ve decided to focus on your key phrase or key phrase/phrase. bothering to get hundreds of inbound links has proven to provide benefit. But, will you earmark more time and resources than if you concentrating on getting links from sites with a very high PR (Page Rank) or close to zero?

A high PR link will actually cost you nothing. So, are you going to put more resources into getting links from high PR sites than you would if the site was considered zero PR? As there is no cost-per-link for links from high PR sites, it’s clear that this is true. But, will you sell high PR links to your friend’s websites in order to increase your link popularity? These are two possible scenarios.

Are you willing to link to a site that is of the “quality” rather than PR status?

What do you think about the site’s backlinks and the relevance of its content?

Is the content relevant to yours?

Would you still benefit from a link exchange with these sites even if your own backlinks were of the “low” quality – i.e., low PR, low traffic, etc?

Do you want to get hundreds of quality inbound links? Or, should you be more selective in where you accept links?

Based on the answers you get from these questions, it should be obvious that the Quality pre-requisites for an efficient link-building campaign are well-born out in this study. Thus, you should ask yourself the following questions to optimize your link building:

Are you willing to trade links with sites that have a high page rank, meaning the one-way links are of considerably high quality and quite relevant to your own site?

Do you want to be associated with sites that have a forum with quality replies and views? Or, are you willing to be associated with sites that mainly use spam to propagate their links?

Do you want to trade your traffic away from your own site in exchange for a link? Or, are you willing to provide unique and useful content that will gain you traffic in return?

Optimizing your inbound links may be as hard as optimizing your website’s content. That is because you have to optimize both your and your site’s linking factors. And keep in mind that the link neighborhood is as important as the content of your site.

Keeping these factors in mind should help you to come up with a good SEO linking program. And here is how you can create an effective link neighborhood:

The best approach, in my opinion, is to create a no-follow tag for links that you are not going to display on your site. Then, when you make your list of sites to get a link from, you can either immediately add the tag on each site or you can use another text file that you can attach to your site via FTP.

Attached to one of your site’s internal pages that you want a link from. This way, when the spider comes to that page, it will see that that page does not contain a link. When it goes back to your site, it will find the link, not your home page.

Go to ” properties ” in your site’s properties menu. On the resulting page, you should be able to see all the links that are associated with your site. You can then choose the page that you want to gain a link from.

When you go to “link” bargaining sites such as and look for Participating sites. You can then join the link cruise and send them all your offers.

Optimizing your links can do wonders for your site so try it out today.