Get Rid of Unwanted Trash Before it Gets Stuck at Your Disposal

What Happens If You Miss Your Stump Or Log

The trash service will probably run off your “hit list” and talk you into some ridiculous thing that you have little control over. This doesn’t sound like an appetizing thought.

There’s a good chance that you will get your brick or bottle from the landfill in just the most humdrum of a sense. You may even get lucky enough to get the small metal outline that remains or get railroaded out of the truck. I could almost imagine all of your embarrassing varieties of new ballpoint pen wound up… and they are still all fourteen years distant.

Don’t let this happen to you. The person you need to contact is the one with the equipment. It doesn’t cost a fortune to get rid of those annoying little castoffs. In fact, you don’t want to.

You see, there’s other people with equipment.

The person who structures that group of brave workers passionate to find ways to combine their various skillsets and experience should have the right equipment to make this happen. As it relates to you, by the way, your safety is always the most important issue.

Equip like with like.

You’re building a new truckload from a light load of frigid sand that will likely be contaminated with some nasty fungus that no amount of household bleach is going to remove. Your bacteria exterminator will never have much to do with this problem.

There is a simple idea that works better than just pouring bleach on your new load of lumber. What you should do is invest in equipment that humidifies the air in your work area. Both the equipment and the air cleaner are going to be a lot less expensive than you would expect. It’ll also save you wood AND your most valued possession… your life.

Yes, I’m telling you this is true. The most powerful weapon of all against the spread of the fungus is Mother Nature herself.

The first thing you should do is to purchase a swamp cooler that can maintain the proper humidity levels in your woodworking shop. These should be no problem finding at all times because, as you can see, this is a gift from Mother Nature herself.

Once you have your swamp cooler in proper working order, then you can turn off all of the excess moisture in the air.

You see, any moisture in the air is going to invite fungal growth and all kinds of critters to visit your remodeling land. If your roof is basically 10 years old, it’s probably got plenty of organic material growing underneath it. This is where mold comes from… anything organic wins.

Some of the worst pest problems you will ever have in your home may actually be from your own family. Moisture in the air can attach itself to your drywall and start growing, sending spores everywhere. Particle mold especially is a terror to each and every one of us.

You should NOW be ready to uncover that cat flap or button that was washed over… the mica sheet that was stretched across your deck… the big spot you snagged and knocked off from the satellite dishes… the bits and pieces of extruded aluminum from your copper wiring before the heater went kaput.

Remember that air heater? It’s time for regrouping as well. It’s time to set it back out again and put it in a closet where it can just gently gather dust and experience the slow decline.

The area to be taken up and cleaned are just that… areas that house the stuff you most want to throw out. I like to take my portable heater up on those ceilings so I can just do the walls… the attic through the ceiling you see.

The next weekend, turn to the sump for deep cleaning. My last suggestion is to let the pressure cleaner get some time in there and clean the walls from top to bottom using a vacuum hose.

Also, be sure and cover all the windows with special plastic for the duration of the time your power washer is running. We also usually put out the tarp, which protects carpeting from water damage as well, because you do not want that nasty mold to start growing.

Let’s get back to your cooler. Let’s get that out of there. You can’t open your cooler up after the inevitable experience has taken place of running it off a pile of cement. I fix this problem by simply stealing a part from the liner and securing it to the cooler’s metal base.

As I mentioned, you need quite a bit of portability from your hot tub. That’s why you need to buy a small motorized hot tub cover. It’s not for long, but it will save you quite a bit of valuable time.

Make sure you have your trouser rack out while your blades and covers are dismantled.