Bathroom Decor – Cool Bathroom Ideas

If like me you’re sick of the boring bathroom decor that most people have in their home. I started thinking about remodeling one and then looking at the designs and ideas for cool bathroom decor. I looked at several sources for ideas, from home design magazines and the internet to websites and friends that’s had some great decor.

The great thing about renovating your bathroom is that it’s like creating a whole new room! How you design and decorate will depend on several things:

respect for your space and the budget you have available, and

how much work you want to do yourself, or if you need help.

Because I renovated my bath in my home I quickly came to the conclusion that this was going to be a major project. As I’m going to be on holiday the new decorating will take a few weeks to complete. I wanted to do something cool and fun, and also something that would pay me back once it was finished. My budget for this was low; I didn’t have much leftover after taking care of the rest of the house.

My first idea was to look at a cool mirror for my bathroom decor. I turned to the internet and found some interesting mirrors, some too expensive, but there were many different styles, and they were all reasonable. There are still some to consider but the first one I looked at gave me ideas for some other designs that I could integrate.

My next idea was to use some shower curtains, this took a little bit more work but it ended up being one of my favorite bathroom decorating ideas. The shower curtain I selected had an heirloom design, which I thought would be perfect since the rest of the bathroom decor was done in light brown or tan.

I looked at a chrome shower curtain with some light brown details and made that the focal point for the rest of the bathroom decor. Then I noticed some complementary colors that would bring out the stone countertop.

I searched and searched, but I wasn’t seeing very many ideas for the bathroom decorating, so I slowly moved my design from paper on to my computer. The results were great, different ideas from many sources, including some pictures that compared the cool mirror idea to the chrome shower curtain. This turned from a half-hour project to a full hour project in less than half a day, and because I was working in my pajamas I only had to spend around 15 minutes a night working on this project.

The cool bathroom wall mirror was simply a mirror cut in an L shape and turned on its side. The top was a light brown with light beige details, and the bottom was a beige mat with dark brown details. The details were made from imitation granite, and each of the colors was done separately so that if they were turned they would still look like they were polished natural granite.

Next, I found the granite bench for my bathroom decor. I cut the top to length, and then bent the bottom to form the seat. I put some ceramic tiles around the curve to reinforce it. This turned from a 15-minute project into an 8-hour job since I had to wait for the granite shower curtain to dry.

Once the granite bench was complete it was time to turn to the bathtub. My original plan had been to install an overhead shower, and now I need to re-think that idea. We’ll see about that soon. Instead, I’ve come up with a way to cover up the bathtub instead. I’ll probably buy a shower curtain in dark green or black and add a ring to keep nice bath towels off the floor as well as from people’s feet when they use the facilities.

I struggled on all the details, but finally settled on the chrome fixtures, and chrome shelves (I’m looking to add a bookcase next). and cabinets. They’re a bit “mosaic” for my taste, but I love the design.

I’m really happy with the bathroom design. I’m happy with the bathtub cover and the bathtub itself. I think my vanity would look lovely in a cherry wood finish, so it’s a good time to buy that.

The chrome towel rail completes the overall look for this bathroom and also sets my mind thinking about other metal fixtures I could install in the room. For a cool design touch I could add a nice round mirror with frosted glass over the vanity, and then use a nice textured white colored granite top for the counters. Now I’m looking to add a nice looking cabinet with shelving inside, and then “collect” all my stored towels and use them to add functionality to the bathroom. The overall style I was going for was “casual” and it turned out perfectly.

Some more bathroom ideas in this video below.